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If you’re over 55 and searching for new experiences, then look to your home equity to finance everything from travel to a new motorhome to home renovations and more.

No proof of income required.
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Our Equity Empower loan is like no other loan
Traditional banks don’t want to lend to 55+. We do!
Unlock up to $2,000,000 with a range of flexible drawdown options.
Our assessment considers your assets and credit history, not your income or job status.
We are fast: we can generally give you a decision in a few days.
  • Traditional banks don’t want to lend to 55+. We do!
  • Unlock up to $2,000,000 with a range of flexible drawdown options.
  • Our assessment considers your assets and credit history, not your income or job status.
  • We are fast: we can generally give you a decision in a few days.

Designed by experts

The creators of 2Be have run some of the biggest banks in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

We have worked with leading risk advisors to create a home equity loan for over 55s to help children buy a home.

Our product is not for everyone, and our lending policies and application process are designed to identify and protect those who are financially vulnerable.

Welcome from the Co-Founder of 2Be


Three ways to access your money

Equity Empower is a traditional reverse mortgage with three drawdown options, giving you the flexibility to access funds when it suits you. Interest is only charged on the funds when and as you need them.

Initial lump sum

Receive a lump sum payment at the beginning of your loan. Ideal for consolidating debt, funding home renovations, purchasing a new car, or funding a trip overseas to visit your family and grandchildren.

Line of credit

Have your loan approved up front and then access money only when you need it without paying interest on the undrawn amount.  Interest is charged on the amount that you draw down.

Regular income payments

Manage your day to day living expenses with a regular monthly or quarterly income payment.

Your money. Your choice.

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What our customers are saying

I am a retired surgeon and my wife and I had the pleasure of working with Inviva lending to help us to secure our new home with an Equity Empower loan.

We had been denied access to funding by a major bank and found Inviva through a website search.

In my first contact with Inviva by phone I found them open and professional and willing to help Colleen and I. We had a 100k shortfall and needed funds quickly to be able to purchase our new home.

The service from our consultant Carlos was second to none and he guided us through the application process through until approval of the funds. The credit department and the entire team at Inviva were so professional and friendly through the approval process which happened in 3 weeks.

We couldn't be more grateful and  highly recommend them for any equity release requirements you may need for your retirement.

Thanks Inviva!!!

Pyrmont NSW

It was a pleasure to deal with them. They displayed professionalism, courtesy, and high competency.  The online convenience helped a lot.  Inviva fills a much needed void for competitive lending set up and ongoing borrowing rates - for those who have worked hard to build up assets and who then want to draw down cash against appreciating asset values. And where personal exertion income is NOT high enough to meet the current tough mainstream income serviceability standards on borrowings.

Surrey Hills - VIC

I am in the same boat as a lot of average people who have worked to build up independence through paying off their own home, and subsequently investing in a 2nd property. The trade-off has been having little money left to save or spend. When it came to the necessity of spending money on an extension, I was hesitant to add these costs onto a mortgage, with no end in sight to payments. I now only work part time, so my wages would not have qualified me to do this, and I did not want to lean on the bank.

I read about them in the NRMA magazine, and they sounded like a very well governed outfit with a personal approach, and a good product and a great deal of experience in the financial world. I contacted the team and was delighted they were happy to deal with me. I could take a loan out against the 2nd property, and was not required to make repayments immediately, giving me time to re arrange my assets to suit.

I found the customer team to be very knowledgeable about the product, honest and always available via email or phone. The product offered is flexible and well designed by people who know this niche market very well. They are a local Australian company offering workable solutions for those like myself, who need access to money, have good assets, but are literally low in available funds.

I am happy to recommend their product and their approach.

Mortdale - NSW

We found ourselves in the interesting position of having plenty of assets but an income that comes largely dependent upon holiday accommodation plus we are nearing retirement age. Our bank of 40 years (who we had loans with previously, plus accounts and credit cards) would not count the holiday income as regular income and as such could not get their algorithm to let the loan through. Even talking to senior people did not help. You can guess how I feel about them now.

I looked at a few other options but they seemed to be the most flexible to suit our needs. We contacted them and found them to be very friendly and at the same very professional. The process was easy and pretty much stress free.

With the loan we were able to move some of our plans forward without having to wait until retirement age.

Graham and Helen
Casuarina - NSW

All of our friends are trying to figure out how we can assist our kids NOW.  Your application process was simple and quick and we had money within a couple of days of starting. You are a great option and have made us happy grandparents.

Jim and Julie
Randwick - NSW

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Equity Empower provides you with the financial flexibility to achieve your retirement goals—while still staying in your home
Home improvements

Access funds to pay for renovations and repairs so you can comfortably stay in your home for longer

Enjoy that dream holiday or car

Pay for holidays, visit your grandchildren, upgrade your car or buy a motorhome

Living expenses

Tap into home equity to assist with your living costs

Fund aged care

Secure funds for aged care accommodation while retaining ownership of your home

Home care

Cover the costs of in-home care so you can stay in your home and local community for longer

Consolidating debt

Utilise home equity to consolidate debt, including other loans and credit cards

Our three step application process is simple and fast

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Discover your Financial Firepower™
Our free calculator will estimate the current value of your home. We will show you how much money you could potentially release from your home. Simply type in your address and whisper us your age.

Step 2

Enter your details online
It’s fast and secure. We only ask you what we need to know to get you to the approval stage - about you, your goals, how you might want to access your funds, and your financial situation

    Step 3

    Fast Approval
    We are fast: Provided we receive all of the necessary information with your application, we can generally give you a decision within as little as a few days.

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