CASE STUDY: Finding Community in Retirement

Jan is 72. After the recent death of her partner, Jan decided to bring forward a planned move into a popular retirement village. She wanted the ease of a smaller home, great facilities, and a sense of community from living amongst other active retirees.

Jan smiling at the camera
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Jan’s wealth was locked up in her current house and superannuation. Despite receiving an insurance payout on the death of her partner, Jan didn’t have sufficient cash to purchase the retirement unit without selling other assets. She was reluctant to sell her property given the fall in property prices and uncertain economic conditions, or to rely on help from her son who had a young family to support.

How Inviva helped

With an Equity Empower loan, Jan was able to borrow up to 32% of her home’s value—a loan of ~$400k. She purchased the retirement unit and rented out her house, with the rental income allowing her to have enjoy a good quality of life and contribute towards her grandchildren’s education. Jan plans to sell her house in 4-5 years and use a portion of the proceeds to repay the loan.

“Taking out the loan with Inviva helped me start the next chapter of my life, and I’m loving it”

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