CASE STUDY: Making First Home Ownership Dreams Come True

How Inviva & Brokers are Helping First Home Buyers.

Meet Sarah, a seasoned mortgage broker who's passionate about helping her clients achieve their homeownership dreams.

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However, she knows that many young Australians struggle to save for a deposit, which is why, when the circumstances suit and her clients’ parents are willing to help, she refers them to Inviva. Inviva’s Equity Empower solution unlocks the Bank of Mum and Dad, allowing parents to use the equity in their homes to help children with a deposit for their home. Sarah sees it as a game-changer for her and her clients.

Take Alex, for example. She's a young professional who was struggling to save for a deposit on her first home. Despite her steady income, she only had $50,000 of the $192,000 deposit needed to buy the home she wanted. As she is looking to start a family, she wanted the security of her own home as soon as possible.

With Sarah's guidance, Alex's parents Deb and John learned about Inviva and were excited to help their daughter with $142,000 to get onto the property ladder. Using some of the equity in their investment property, they were able to provide Alex with the additional deposit needed to secure her new home now rather than waiting. After a few years, as Alex’s home value appreciates, she may be able to pay her parents back by refinancing – and will have saved many years of rent.

Thanks to Sarah's help and the Inviva solution, Alex and her parents were able to make her homeownership dreams a reality. Inviva is empowering brokers like Sarah to help young Australians enter the property market for the first time and achieve their homeownership dreams sooner.

If you are a mortgage broker or a parent looking to help their child with a deposit consider Equity Empower. Use the Inviva's Parents and Children’s calculator to determine how much help your clients need to get onto the property ladder.

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