Make 2024 the year of your dream holiday

As we start to think about scaling back from our working lives and look to make the most of our golden years, many of us have the opportunity to travel and see the world. We’ve worked hard, saved up and now we want to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

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Whether it's exploring new foods and cultures, reconnecting with family and friends, or simply relaxing and enjoying a well-deserved vacation – travel can be a wonderful way to make the most of our retirement years. With work having often taken priority, many of us have had to put off that dream holiday. Even if you have been able to get out there, it’s almost a certainty that there are more destinations on your bucket list. And with Covid restrictions continuing to ease, life-altering experiences could be at your fingertips this year.

After all, one of life’s greatest pleasures is simply being able to enjoy it. Seeing what you’ve yet to see, experiencing what you’ve yet to experience. Of course, jet-setting off to an exotic destination is the typical picture of travel – but the beauty of travel lies in its variety! While kicking your feet up on a cruise or living the life of luxury might be your thing, reconnecting with nature and your wellness might be just as fulfilling. For the more rugged adventurer, buying or renting an RV and hitting the road (perhaps on a multi-city food crawl!) might be the adventure of a lifetime. There is such a wealth and diversity of experience on offer and the world (quite literally) is your oyster!

However, with the rising cost of living and with more and more of our wealth tied up in property the costs of these holidays can be a significant barrier to enjoying these experiences now – especially if you are retired with illiquid assets or don’t have the cash readily available to make your travel plans a reality.

That’s where Inviva may be able help.

The financial experts at Inviva have created Equity Empower, an equity release solution that allows over 55s to tap into the equity tied up in their home or other property to fund those dream travel experiences, purchase a recreational vehicle and much more – all without needing to sell your home or downsize in the current market.

Where traditional banks often don’t want to lend to those over 55, Equity Empower is built specifically with you in mind! Equity Empower only considers your assets and credit history, not your income or job status, with the choice of making no repayments or paying back all or part of the loan at any time – at the time that suits you. For more detailed information on our equity release solution, click here.

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